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Yard Pong Rules

Behavior & Conduct

  1. Each player is required to display good sportsmanship, and respect to the tournament officials, staff and other players at all times
  2. Rude, aggressive, vulgar language/behavior or being intoxicated may result in ejection from the game or tournament.


  1. All players must be 18 years of age.
  2. Teams will consist of 2+ players. No gender requirement.


  1. Rock, paper, scissors will be used to decide home team. The home team gets choice of side or first throw in the match. For best 2-of-3 matches, teams will switch sides and first throw for the second game, and switch back again if a third game is needed.
  2. Game will be played using (6) 5-gallon buckets and (2) white plastic balls. The back buckets shall be placed at the regulation distance marked by orange cones. All throws must be from behind the orange cones. 
  3. 2 Players will toss the ball from behind the buckets for each team. Each player gets 1 shot per turn. You must make it in a bucket to clear it--there are no same cup, island or bounce rules. A bucket is immediately removed after each made shot. It's the shooting team's responsibility to make sure the made bucket is removed before throwing.
  4. "Balls Back" - If both shots are made, then both balls return to the shooting team.
  5. Each team gets one re-rack per game. Re-racks must be declared at the start of your turn before any balls are thrown and may NOT be used on a 'balls back' turn or during a rebuttal.
  6. Defense may be played on bounce shots and deflections off the bucket and must be ABOVE the bucket (i.e. no reaching down into the bucket to play defense). At Hazzard County, you may only grab, catch or block the ball to play defense, there is NO SWATTING OR HITTING THE BALL for defense indoors due to space limitations. Illegal defensive violations will result in a 1 bucket penalty (i.e. the throw counts as a bucket made).
  7. Distractions must be made behind the buckets and can't be anything obscene.
  8. "Rebuttal" - If the winning team misses 1 out of their last 2 shots on their final turn during regulation, the losing team gets a 'shoot til you miss' rebuttal turn for each player. Once a player has missed, they must step back, but their teammate may continue if they haven't missed yet. If the initial losing team successfully ties the game by hitting all remaining buckets, then the game can be reset back to 3 buckets. The team that originally won will shoot first in the overtime.
  9. There is no rebuttal in overtime.
  10. "Sudden Death Rule" for regulation, including 'balls back' turns:
    • If 2 buckets are remaining and both players make their shots, there is no rebuttal. Game over!
    • If 1 bucket is remaining and the first person makes their shot, the second player gets a chance to make it in the same bucket and end the game.
    • ***EXCEPTION TO THE RULE*** In the rare case that a team would make their first 6 shots of the game and clear all the buckets before the other team even gets a chance to shoot (we've never seen this), the other team would get a chance for a rebuttal.
  11. A time limit may be implemented or buckets may be moved closer if games are not being completed in a timely fashion as judged by the tournament official.

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