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Sand Coed 6's Tournament Rules


  1. All players must be 18 and over to play.
  2. Coed 6's teams will include at least 3 female players. There does not have to be an equal number of male and female, but at no time can there be more than 3 male players on the court. 


  1. Games are player-reffed. If you have a disagreement about a call-replay the point. All other general volleyball rules apply unless specified differently within these rules.


  1. Served balls that contact the net on the way over are live.
  2. Serves may not be attacked or blocked.
  3. You may set the serve.
  4. A block is not counted as a hit.
  5. A player in the back row may not block or jump to attack the ball within 10 feet of the net.
  6. Any part of the body may be used to hit the ball (except when serving, when a single hand must be used to hit the ball).
  7. For rec coed 6's, underhand hits can be open-handed as long as the ball is not carried. 
  8. Any contact with the net during a play is a violation. Please call your own violations.
  9. If a player crosses under the net and interferes with the other team's opportunity to play the ball, it's a dead ball and point for the opposing team.
  10. Players should call out the serve ("service" or the score) prior to each serve.

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