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Kickball League Rules

*Rule changes for 2022 highlighted in yellow

Behavior & Conduct

  1. Each player is required to display good sportsmanship, and respect to the League Officials and other players at all times. Rude, aggressive, vulgar language or behavior may result in either ejection from the game, suspensions or by being banned from the league/club all together for repeated violations.


  1. Team rosters shall include a minimum of 12 players, including at least 5 of each gender.
  2. All players must be at least 18 years old to play. 
  3. The maximum number of players on the field (including the catcher) is 10, with at least 4 being female. No more than 6 male players can be on the field.
  4. The minimum number of players on the field to play is 6 (Automatic out in the kicking order applies if gender requirement is not met).
  5. Non-roster subs may only be used if a team has less than 10 total players available for a game or doesn't have at least 4 of each gender. Teams may recruit a maximum of 3 registered players from other teams in the league to sub during the regular season. Any subs from outside the league must be approved by the league commissioner and sign the waiver before playing. Any team found in violation of the sub policy may result in a forfeit for that game.
  6. Fielding teams are required to play catcher and pitcher.
  7. Late Registration: a team may add players to the official roster through the 4th game
  8. If a situation arises where a player can't play in the league anymore (e.g. moves away, injury, change in work schedule) they may be replaced with a new player. Please contact if this is the case.


  1. Each game shall be officiated by a League-assigned referee.
  2. Referees are responsible for:
    1. Keeping game time & score.
    2. Enforcing all game rules.
    3. Tracking all counts and outs.
  3. The referee may eject a player from the game if that player engages in unsportsmanlike conduct.


  1. All equipment shall be provided by the League
  2. Players should wear their League-provided t-shirts of the appropriate color for their team.
  3. Steel cleats are prohibited.

Game Clock

  1. Games will be 8 innings (if time allows). 
  2. No new inning may begin after 55 minutes. Any inning in progress will be the last inning of the game.  
  3. If tied after 8 innings, an extra inning may be played if time limit hasn't been reached. Otherwise game will end as a tie.
  4. Mercy Rule: There will be a 10-run limit per inning in innings 1-4. Unlimited runs may be scored starting in 5th inning. If a team is up 15 or more runs after the 5th inning, the losing team can have the option of ending the game or continue to play.


  1. Pitching Rules:
    • The pitcher must start the act of pitching with at least one foot on or directly behind the pitching rubber (No running starts from behind).
    • The pitcher must release the ball on the pitcher's rubber. After the release and follow-thru, the pitcher must keep 1-foot on the pitcher's rubber and cannot move closer to home plate until the ball is kicked.
    • The pitcher must ROLL the ball to the kicker. A pitched ball must first contact the ground after leaving the pitchers hand, no more than three feet from the hand.
    • Overhanded pitching & curve balls are not allowed.
    • After 1 warning for any of the above pitching violations, kickers will have the option to re-kick or take a base for each infraction thereafter.
  2. Strike Zone: The pitch must pass within the 1-foot strike zone to either side of home plate (any part of the ball) and no more than 6 inches above home plate. (A pitch too bouncy will be determined by the referee and called a ball).
  3. Pitch speed: Pitching MUST be at a reasonable speed and kickable as determined by the referee (A pitch too fast will be determined by the referee and called a ball). The pitch speed rule is in place to ensure that our kickball league stays fun for everyone.
  4. The catcher must remain at or behind the kicking box until the kicker makes contact with the ball and is not allowed to take a full running start before the ball is kicked. The catcher may NOT stand so closely to the kicker as to interfere with his or her ability to kick. The catcher must travel through the kicker's box to retrieve a ball kicked into fair territory.
  5. Catchers may only be changed between innings (except for injury)
  6. No defensive player may cross the invisible line between 1st and 3rd base prior to the ball being kicked and may not get a running start towards the line. The first violation will result in the player being warned. The second violation, and thereafter, will result in the kicker choosing the option of re-kicking or being awarded first base.
  7. Fielding team must have 4 outfielders when a female is kicking.
  8. All Games have a time limit. If the pitcher, or defense, is continuously holding up the game by taking an unreasonable amount of time, the official can award kickers first base.


  1. Each team shall fill out the kicking lineup card before the game.
  2. All players who are playing in the game will be included in the kicking lineup, except for injured players who have been withdrawn from the game.
  3. Kicking Order Coed Requirements
    • There must be at least 4 female players in the kicking order. If there are fewer than 4, an automatic out shall be taken at the end of the lineup for each player below the required number.
    • No more than 2 males can kick in a row at any point. If required, a female player may have to kick twice in the order.
  4. Bunting - Only females players are allowed to bunt. Male players must attempt a full kick as judged by the referee, or it will be called an illegal kick.
  5. 3 strikes is an out and is called when:
    1. The ball crosses the strike zone without being kicked.
    2. The kicker swings at but misses the ball.
    3. The ball is kicked foul.
  6. Fouls are always counted as strikes, including on a 2 strike count, and are called when:
    1. The ball lands or is touched in foul territory.
    2. The ball lands inside the foul line, but rolls outside the foul line before reaching the 1st or 3rd base lines. A ball that lands past the 1st or 3rd base lines but rolls into foul territory shall be considered fair.
    3. Contacts the ball behind home plate with any part of the body above the knee.
    4. The kicker kicks the ball with the plant foot outside the kicking box, including in front of home plate.
    5. The kicker makes a "double-kick", i.e. kicks or contacts the ball after the initial kick while still behind home plate.
    6. If the ball is caught in the air prior to touching the ground regardless of how or where the ball was kicked it will result in an out. Even if the ball is kicked above the knee or in front of home plate. If the ball is kicked above the knee or in front of home plate and is not caught prior to touching the ground it is an automatic foul and no play can be made.
  7. 4 balls allows the kicker to advance to first base as is called when:
    1. Ball fails to pass through the 1-foot strike zone around home plate.
    2. Ball bounces more than 6 inches above home plate.
    3. Ball bounces fewer than twice prior to crossing the strike zone.
    4. During a single plate appearance, if a male kicker is walked on exactly four pitches and a female player is next in the kicker order, she will get the option to kick or take first base.


  1. Stealing bases and leading off bases is illegal. A player who was leading the base prior to the hit shall be called out.
  2. Modified infield Fly Rule: If the ball is popped up in the infield, the defense may not intentionally knock down, bobble or drop the ball to get a double play. One out will be called on intentional drops and runners may not advance bases. This is up to the umpire's discretion.
  3. Play shall end when the pitcher has control of the ball within 10 feet of the pitcher's mound. Any runners in motion at this must stop at the base they are moving toward.
  4. Foul territory is still in play as long as the ball has not been ruled out of play by the referee, and base runners may advance bases at their own risk.
  5. Time may be called by the referee when the ball is deemed out of play (over the fence). Runners are granted the base he/she is going to (at the point of the throw) plus one more. Note: in cases where a base runner runs past first base, he/she must make a clear turn towards second base to be granted 2nd and 3rd in out of play situations.
  6. A runner is out when:
    1. Fielder catches a fly ball.
    2. Gets 3 strikes.
    3. Base is tagged on a forced run.
    4. Runner is tagged by a fielder in possession of the ball.
    5. Comes in contact with the ball, except when thrown by a fielder at the head
    6. Runner is off base when the ball is kicked.
    7. Kicks or punches the ball while base running
  7. If a ball is thrown at a runner, and makes primary contact with his or her head, the runner will be ruled safe (however if a runner alters his or her pattern e.g. ducks or jumps and is thus hit in the head as a result the runner will be still be ruled out).
  8. Pinch running is only permitted when a player is injured. The pinch runner must be of the same gender.
  9. Tagging up is permitted. A tag-up is a requirement to retouch or stay on a base until a kicked then caught ball is first touched by a fielder. This applies to balls caught in both fair and foul territory.

    Late Arrival Penalties & Forfeits

    1. Any players who show up after the game has started shall be added to the end of the kicking order.
    2. If a team is not ready to play within 10 minutes after the scheduled start time, they shall forfeit the game, with the opposing team receiving a total of 6 runs, for a final score of 6 - 0.


    1. Players must have played in a regular season game to be eligible for playoffs. 
    2. If a playoff game ends in a tie, one additional inning may be played if time limit hasn't been reached. If time limit has been reached or the score is still tied, the following tiebreaker will be used: each team shall choose 3 kickers, at least one of each gender. The opposing team will be in the field like a normal inning. You will receive points in overtime for each base reached. Single= 1 point, Double= 2 points, Triple= 3 points, and a Home run= 4 points. If the kicker registers a single and attempts to go for 2nd and is thrown out that kicker will register 0 points. After each kicker the bases will be cleared. The team that receives the most points in the Tie Breaker will be declared the winner. If score is still tied after 1st round, 3 new kickers will be selected. This will continue until tie is broken.

    Weather Cancellations

    1. If games are canceled due to weather, a game is considered official after 4 full innings or 3.5 innings if home team is leading. The team ahead at the time the game is called will be declared the winner.

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